a) Mike can`t have stolen / might steal / must have stolen / could steal the necklace as his finger prints were fund all over it.

b)Hilary`s late! Her car might break bown / could have broken down / can`t have broken down / could break down ithough that seems father unkely as it`s a new one.

c)on an`t have stolen / must have stolen / might have stolen / could have stolen the money - he was with me all afternoon.

d)he Marie Celeste can`t have been attacked / could attack / might have been attecked / might attack by pirates but we will never know.

e) My mobile phone doesn`t work - l could forget / can`t have forgotten / must have forgotten to recharge it

g)Luce isn`t in school today. She might be / could have been / can`t be ll

h)You iook so well and rested,you could have / might have had / must have had / may have a lovely holiday!


Ответы и объяснения


a) must have stolen

b) could have broken down

c) ain't have stolen

d) might have been attacked

e) must have forgotten

g) She might be ill

h) must have had