Помогите плиз завтра сдавать очень надо

во вложении ответте плиз на вопросы

лучшее решение поставлю


Ответы и объяснения


1) Yes, I participated in various competitions such as football, volleyball.

2) I prefer and participate and take part in sports competitions

3) Certainly sport helps me to keep fit

4) I'm pretty often go to the playground and take part in various games


5) In my family, popular with football and hockey

6) Yes I would. I think many people want to be sportsmen

7) Yes, I'm running fast but I have swimming harder but I try

8) In Britain was invented football

9) Yes, I think they are all popular to this day

10) I think these sports are athletics as it is considered to be an Olympic

11) I believe that yes since walking is better than sitting on the couch

12) Unfortunately I've never ridden a horse but I think it would be exciting

13) I know of football such as the Premier League and World Cup