Пожалуйста помогите написать письмо ...Last month I went to Spain with my parents.I liked the country and Spanish people very much.There was also so much to see.I saw a real bull-fighting!And what countries have you been to?Which one was the best?What do you remember most of all?


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Hi, Jane! Last month I went to England with my aunt and dad. It was very interesting travel. English people are friendly and polite. We visited London and Liverpool, where my cousin lives. London is very beautiful city. It has a lot of showplaces. We visited Big Ben tower, Tower bridge, British museum and other landmarks. I was very interested by Sherlock Holmes museum, but we had no time to visit it, because my cousin was waiting us in Liverpool. In Liverpool we walked a lot, it was very funny because my cousin has a good sense of humor. I think, that's all. Please, reply me as quick as you can. 
Your friend, July.