In Pairs ask and answer as in the example. 1. Your friend wins $100. A: What are you going to do with it? B: I'm ging to go on a boat cruise. 2. Your friend's holiday starts next week. 3. Your friend's birthday is next weekend. 4. Your friend is going to a party tonight. 5. Your friend doesn't like his new school.


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2. A: What are you going to do on your holidays? B: I'm going to ride a bicycle on my holidays.

3. A: How are you going to celebrate your birthday? B: I'm going to have a big party at home.

4. A: What are you planning to do on a party tonight? B: I'm going to dance and play games there.

5. A: What are you going to do this school that you don't like? B: I'm going to leave her in the next term.