I, Levitan was (be) a famous Russian painter. He painted (paint) Russian landscapes.(1) __________ (be) a great Russian singer. He __________(sing) romances. (2) _________ (be) a popular actor. He _______ (play) in many comedies. (3) _______________________ (be) the first man and woman in space. He ____ (go) into space in 1961 and she - in 1963. (4) ___________________________ (be) a great Russian traveller and explorer. He ____________ (travel) and ___________ (explore) India. (5) ______________________________ (be) a great composer. He ________ (write) operas, romances and symphonies. (6) _____________________________ (be) the first Russian emperor. He _________ (start) St Petersburg. ______________________________________________________________________


Ответы и объяснения


1)was   2)sang   3)played   4)was,went   5)was,traveled,explored  6)was,wrote