народ! второй день прошу! напишите плиз сочинение(не большое) на английском языке о спортивных достижениях, о кубках и тд) Алины Кабаевой! ну очень прошу!!!!


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Family legend has it that a young Kabaeva has a very optimistic view of the world, and unlike many of his peers sport she began zanimtsya not under pressure. Kabaeva coach Irina Viner early recognized the talent of his pupil and began to prepare her to the greatest heights. Calculating Winner fairly soon come to pass - Alina became the winner of the European Championship three times the 1998-2000, twice world champion in 1999 and 2001. Fans were expecting it with a large safety margin wins at the Sydney Olympics. But, alas, these hopes were not justified - in competitions in Australia Alina dropped the hoop in the final of the Olympic tournament and the result was only in third place, and first place went to Julia Barsukova. To better switch after Sydney, Alina began to try herself as an actress and model. In particular, played in the Japanese movie Red Shadow, has become the face of one well-known company, the sponsor of the Olympic Committee of Russia.