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1. John: Have you packed your things?

Mary: No, I haven't packed them yet.

2. Ann: Where did you get that novel?

Jane: I took it out from the library.

3. Bob: How many teams took part in the char

Dick: Eighteen teams did.

4. Alice: When were you in the South?

Rose: I was there two years ago.

6. Kate: Who was absent yesterday?

Sue: Nobody was.


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1. John asked Mary if she had packed her things.  Mary answered she hadn't packed them yet.

2. Ann asked Jane where she had got that novel. Jane answered she had taken it from the library.

3. Bob asked Dick how many teams had taken part in the char. Dick answered that eighteen teams.

4. Alice asked rose when she had been in the South. Rose answered she had been there two years before.

6. Kate wanted to know who was absent the day before yesterday. Sue answered nobody had been absent.