Put the correct preposition into the spaces

1)At school I'm good ______ science subjects and also interested ____ languages. 2)I'm not so keen _____ sports ailthough I like watching tennis _______ television.

3)I live ______ Oxford ______ England and I'm very proud ____ my home town.

4) It's famous ______ it's very old university and I'm hoping _______ go there myself one day. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rewrite these sentences putting the words and phrases in the correct positions.

a)I'm going to visit my friend in her house.(tomorrow, new, best, lovely)

b)I use e-mail for messages but not for letters.(frequently, short, important)

c)Stephen passed his exam.(history, fortunately, with a very high mark, finaly)

d)My mother was found of animals until a dog bit her.(very, badly, fierce, black)

e) I can't come to your party because I'm busy that day.(birthday, very, sadly, father's)


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1) at, in
2) on, on
3) in, in, of
4) for, to

a) Tomorrow I'm going to visit my best and lovely friend in her new house
b) I frequently use e-mail for short messages, but not for important letters
c) Fortunately, Stephen passed his final history exam with a very high mark
d) My mother was found of animals until a very fierce black dog badly bit her
e) Sadly, but I can't come to your father's birthday party because I'm very busy that day