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I study in high school in Dresden. and Im thinking about going on an exchange trip to England. my marks in English are good and my teacher says it will be easy for me to get into the programme. Do you think it is a good idea to study abroad in a high school? What is your opinion? Any comments are welcome! Thank you. Denis.


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Hey, Denis. Great! I'm very glad for you, my friend. If you wanted to hear my opinion, so here it is. That's really cool to study abroad, especially for you. Your teacher is right, It will be easy. Also, there are many good things. At first you will visit another country. At the second you will learn their folk traditions. Then you can show those people that you've got bigger skills then they. This trip won't be only a fun for you. It will be very interesting journey. I will give you some advice: when you will join your classmates, try to have a friendship with some of pupils. If you are not really good in something, somebody will explain the situation to you.  Also, there will be some girls that will be interested in you, so try to show yourself. So, I wish you've got the best trip ever, good luck, take care. From own experience, Alexander.