1. Викресли зайве слово.

1) do the washing-up, do the cooking, do a sport

2) have breakfast, have a cat, have dinner

3) ride a bske, clean the room, wash the floor

4) water the flowers, tidy the room,say goodbye

2) Дай коротку відповідь на запитання.

1) When do you get up?---------

2) When do you go to school?------------

3) When do you have your breakfast?----------

4) When do you go to bed?------------

3.Доповни речення правильною формою дієслова.

Ann and Tom don't go to school. Their mother------------(get) up early in the morning. Ann -------------- (help) her mother. They --------------(do) the cooking. The family--------(have) breakfast at 8 o'clock. Then the parents go to work.


Ответы и объяснения



1) do a sport

2) have dinner

3) ride a bicycle 

4) say goodbye




1) At 7 o`cklock 

2) At 8 o`clkock

3) At 7:30 o`cklock

4) At 20:00 o`cklock




gets, helps, do, has