English is the first language of many people in countries outside the United Kingdom. When you 1____speakers of English from around the world, you 2____notice that they do not all speak in the same way. There are also some 3____in the words they use, including the names of 4____objects that are part of everyone's daily life. But although pronunciation and 5____are not the same everywhere, it is interesting that English speakers 6____opposite sides of the world can understand 7____other easily. It does not seem to 8____where they learnt the language. And of course this is one reason why speakers of other languages are keen 9____learning English too. If you know English, you are more 10____to be able to study or work in all sorts of exciting places, such as the United States or Australia.

1. a) recognize b) meet c) find

2. a) originally b) curiously c) immediately

3. a) mistakes b) changes c) differences

4. a) common b) popular c) favourite

5. a) composition b) dictation c) vocabulary

6. a) of b) from c) at

7. a) each b) one c) some

8. a) care b) matter c) worry

9. a) by b) on c) to

10. a) likely b) probably c) possibly


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