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The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most famous monuments inAmerica. 1 (…) It was given to the American people by the French in the nineteenth century. It was designed by Gustav Eiffel. 2 (…).

3 (…) Then they were put together – like a giant puzzle. After that, the statue was taken to pieces again. The pieces were packed into 210 boxes, and the boxes were transported across theAtlantic ocean. 4 (…).

Although Eiffel designed the whole construction, Frederic Bartholdi made the famous model. It shows a woman. 5 (…). A staircase was built inside the statue and a door was put in the right foot. Visitors are allowed to climb from the foot to the head and then they can look out overNew YorkHarbour.

Since it was built, the Statue of Liberty has been visited and photographed by millions of people. 6 (…).

a) It will certainly be visited by many, many more in the future.

b) Finally, the pieces were put together again.

c) He was the man who later designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris

d) However, it was actually built inFrance.

e) She was a copy of his mother.

f) First, thousands of metal pieces were made.


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