привет !! очень нужно сочинение на 150 слов на тему : НУЖНА ЛИ ШКОЛЬНАЯ ФОРМА .на англ яз


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School uniform or standard clothes: whether it is necessary at school?

Concerning this question argue much. Many pupils think that the standard clothes aren't necessary to them. For them it is better not to wear any school uniform. They want to be free at a clothes choice. But, as showed scientific research of university Justus-Libig in Gisen, social climate, attentiveness, and also feeling of confidence высше in school classes with standard clothes.
"Form" is sounds for me a little awfully, but it is a certain version of working clothes to go to school. The standard clothes, in my opinion, can have some advantages. First of all, the form helps to save time in the morning before school as there is no requirement long to look for clothes. You simply put on a uniform and you go to school. The form can also help to save money as you need much less clothes. Probably, the form increases attentiveness at a lesson as there is no fashion show, especially among girls. I wouldn't want to wear identical clothes with all, but I have no anything against clothes of a free cut of identical color with a school emblem. I would like that the school uniform gave me also possibility of a choice. Probably, I would accept standard jeans, blouses and sweaters. Other children and girls, probably, also will be agree with such type of clothes.