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On light there are a lot of sports which help to make a figure harmonous and beautiful, and мьшщы — strong! And me to liking what together with me is chosen by thousands boys and the little girls, not wishing to change freedom and fresh air for stuffy and close sports halls. Couple of roller skates on the feet, two kneecaps — that's all my equipment! Forward, on the street! Races, slalom, various tricks and jumps … We study each other, at those who quicker and more safely, and then with pride we show the achievements. Ourselves think out rules, we choose the speed and the purpose — without whistles, hails and reproaches from outside.
It is healthy to rush with a wind speed, overtaking passersby, dexterously going round obstacles, knowing that now you — the most free and happiest person on light!


На вот эту попробуй презентайию не знаю у меня проканала не знаю подойдёт ли тебе