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If you’ve been busy building your resume or starting a new career, you’ve likely heard yourself asking, “What are my strengths? or “What strengths to put on a resume?”
And the answer is….Do you even know what your strengths are or how to discover and find your strengths?

Read on to learn how to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Not sure why you need to do this? By doing so you will build a resume that can help hiring managers differentiate between your resume and others, because your resume will focus on your strengths saving the interviewer time as they fight the maze of resumes sitting on their desk.

How to Discover and Know Your Strengths

Most of us find it difficult to list our strengths. According to DonaldCliftonand MarcusBuckinghamauthors of “Now, Discover Your Strengths,” it’s not that difficult at all – our strengths are what we find easy to do.
The irony is that what’s easy to do doesn’t seem like a strength. Most of us equate a strength with something that we have to fight and overcome.

For example, programming in php –learning to do so is difficult; you have to fight to learn how to do it, so we would consider it a strength.
Most of us mess it up when we try to figure out what our strengths are.
So what’s the best way to discover your strengths?