Пожалуйста помагите надо написать мини соченение на тему леса


Ответы и объяснения


Once the weekend my parents went to the forest. On the eve of light snow fell in the forest was quiet and sunny. The snow could be seen traces held here earlier people have been laid near nenakatannaya trails.
On a nearby tree fun knocking woodpecker in his bright red cap, above the forest with cawing crows were worn by someone anxious. Cat gazed with interest at the careless tits that are fun from branch to branch.
The fresh snow were traces of birds and animals. There were jumping carefree tits out there for some reason, tossed in the snow crow. And here recently ran out from under the snow mouse. Traces of a hare (hind legs in front of the front) a little trampled dog paws. It can be seen from some pet woke hunting instinct.
Then we came to the edge of the forest. Opened view of the frozen Volga. The snow sparkled and shimmered with all the colors of the rainbow. Even my eyes hurt. On the ice, the penguins were sitting fishermen. Zhigulevskie Mountains, wearing a fur coat in the snow, through which shone through the green pine trees were like a giant frozen crocodile.
Then we have a little tumble in the snow, ride a roller coaster and went home.