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1) St. Paul's Cathedral is a church, that was originally built in 604. After the fire, in 675, the first (wooden) Cathedral burned down. the second (stone), the Cathedral was built in 685, and in 961 was destroyed by the Vikings during another RAID in London. the third (stone), the Cathedral was built in 962, and burned down together with the whole of London at the time of the fire 1087 g. the fourth (stone) Cathedral (also known as Old St. Paul or St. Paul to the Great Fire) was founded in 1087 and consecrated in 1240. It was one of the largest cathedrals in Europe at the time: its length was about 180 meters, width - 30 meters, the height of the steeple is almost 150 meters. The Cathedral burned down in 1666 the Great fire of London. Although after the fire restore the Cathedral was possible, the authorities all the same decided to build a new one in its place a building;
the fifth (stone), the Cathedral was built by the project of architect Christopher Wren (eng. Christopher Wren). The works were started in 1675 and was completed in 1708.