10 речень на тему космос про нашы планет в сонячны системы!прошу!!


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Sun - the star of the solar system and its main components. Its mass (332,900 Earth masses) is large enough to maintain thermonuclear fusion reactions in its interior, which is released as a result of a large amount of energy radiated into space mainly in the form of electromagnetic radiation, most of which falls in the range of wavelengths 400-700 nm.
With stellar classification Sun - typical yellow dwarf class G2. This name can be misleading, because compared to most stars in our galaxy sun - very large and bright star. Class of stars is determined by its location on the Hertzsprung - Russell, which shows the relationship between the brightness of stars and their surface temperature. Usually the hotter stars are brighter. Most stars are located on the main sequence of the diagram, and the Sun is located approximately in the middle of the sequence. Brighter and hotter from the sun the stars are rare, but fainter and cooler red dwarfs make up 85% of stars in the Milky Way.

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