Помогите написать мини сочинение на английсколм языке про любую республику . P.S желательно про мордовию. Зарание спасибо!!!!


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Chisinau - the capital of the Republic of Moldova, of the political, administrative, scientific, cultural and industrial center.
     Chisinau is located in the center of the state, on seven hills and stretches along the tributary of the Dniester River - the river Bic. Area of about 200 square kilometers.
        Administratively divided into five regions: Central, Botanica, Riscani, Choka, Buiucani.
        The city's population of more than 700 thousand people, which is about 21% of thepopulation of the entire country. In ethnic composition, basically - Moldovans, Russian, Ukrainians, Jews, Gagauz and Bulgarians.
    City Day (Hramul Chisinaului), October 14 - is the official holiday in the capital of Moldova -Chisinau.