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Down House, Home of Charles Darwin

If you want to discover the (1) fascinated life and works of one of the greatest scientific thinkers through a (2) ... of intriguing presentations, exhibits and interactive displays, come to this (3) ... refurbished home.

Down House was Charles Darwin's family home for more than forty years and today stands as a testimony to a man who (4) ... shocked and subsequently revolutionized the way many think about mankind's (5) ... A visit to Down House is a visit of (6) ... for all the family. Enter Darwin's study and see the armchair in which he wrote "On the Origin of Species", explore his theories in terms (7) ... display, and follow the "Sandwalks", Darwin's (8) ... path in his beloved gardens which he paced daily as (9) ... for his thoughts and idea.



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Variety, carefully(?), initially, begining(?), discoveries, active(?),thoughts, inspiration