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К первому: 2. What time do the pupils usually start lessons?

(at 8 am)

3. What is Sam taking from the headmaster?

(He is taking the documents folder)

4. When does Sam practice football?

(Sam practices football every day)

5. Are the workmen working now?

(Yes they are или No they are not)

6. Where are the workmen going now?

(They are going home)


не совсем уверен в 2 и 3, но грамматически должны быть верны


Ко второму:

2 - stop 3 - practice 4 - need 5 - are beginning 6 - are they making


К третьему: 2. What time does your school usually start? (It starts at 8 am)

3. Do you often eat chocolate? (Yes I do или No I don't)

4. Are you eating chocolate now? (Yes I am или No I am not)

5. How many languages do you speak? (I speak two languages)

6. What languare are you studying now? (I am studying English)


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