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1. was eaten

2. was built

3. were planted

4. was invited

5. was done

6. was made

7. was founded



1. was locked

a) wasn't locked 

b) was the door locked yesterday evening?

2. was prepared

a) wasn't prepared

b) was the dinner prepared 20 minutes ago?

3. was written

a) wasn't written

b) was the composition written without any mistakes at the last Russian lesson?

4. was told

a) wasn't told

b) was this funny story told us at the last birthday party?

5. were washed

a) weren't washed

b) were these dresses washed two days ago?

6. was bought

a) was bought

b) was the bread bought the day before yesterday?



1. were done

2. will be taken

3. has been spoken (?)

4. hasn't been taken

5. was invited

6. is repaired



1. Is this house built of stone?

2. When was this book bought?

3. When will be our time-table changed by the secretary?

4. Why were these buildings rebuilt last year?

5. Why Paul hasn't been asked at the lesson by the teacher?

6. Were the sweets eaten yesterday?

7. When was the doctor sent for?