A Read the dialogue and answer the questions.

1. Did Mark read the legend about Robin MacWizard?
2. Is there any information about Robin's trip to the future in the legend?
3. What did the friends want to do?
4. In which hotel are the friends going to spend the night?

Rosy: What do you think, Mark? Do you know the legend about Robin? Can you help him?
Mark: I know. It says, "Robin never spoke about his trip to the future," so there is no information for us.
Rosy: Thank you, Mark. We are going home now.
Mark: It's late. Stay with us for the night! There's a nice hotel down the road. Tomorrow we can do a lot of interesting things, and you can go home in the evening.
Rosy: That's a good idea. What's the name of the hotel?
Mark: The Red Lion.


Ответы и объяснения

3.stay at hotel for the night, and than go home
4.in the hotel Red Lion