Выберите правильный вариант, чтобы заполнить пробелы в предложениях

Choose the best alternatives to fill in the gaps in the sentences.

1. In literature lessons we have to … a lot of poems.

A. remember

B. memorise

C. remind

2. I … that I was really nervous on my first day at school.

A. memorise

B. learn

C. remember

3. Sam should be here by now. Do you think he has … ?

A. remembered

B. thought

C. forgotten

4. We had great … comparing our baby photographs.

A. smile

B. joke

C. fun

5. We decided to … and go for a walk.

A. take a break

B. take an hour

C. get a break

6. “I will not put … your bad behaviour, Pete,” the teacher said.

A. over

B. up with

C. up on

7. I soon … my mistake.

A. knew

B. learned

C realised

8. I was … when I heard the news.

A. shock

B. shocking

C. shocked

9. You should read this book. It’s really … !

A. excitement

B. exciting

C. excited

10. His arrival was a great … for all of us.

A. surprise

B. surprising

C. surprised


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