Задание№ 3 Выберите правильный вариант ( Present Simple или Present Continuous ) для глагола, стоящего в скобках:

1.The Supplier (usually /not / agree) to reduce the price .

A. is not usually agreeing B. doesn’t usually agree

2.Where is Mr Dunn? He (discuss) our industrial investment policy with the partners.

A. discusses B. is discussing

3.They always (purchase) new models .

A. don’t always purchase B. are not always purchasing

4.Please , call a bit later. Jane (have a shower) .

A. is having B. Has

5.He (attend) different conferences every year.

A. is attending B. attends

6.Mr Brown is at the tests . They (inspect) the equipment .

A. test B. are testing

7.What (be) his position in the company now ?

A. is being B. is