Напишіть будь ласка твір на тему My future summer holidays близько 12 речень. Велике прохання не писати про відпочинок у селі !!! На перід дякую .


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It was the first time I’ve been there. I’ve been dreamed to visit Crimea for many years but our family couldn’t afford this. This summer my father said we can go to the Black sea. I couldn’t believe my ears. I asked him again if he is serious, but he said he already purchased tickets on the train to Simferopol.

On 5th July we left Kiev and went to Simferopol by train. Our destination was Alushta, so from Simferopol to Alushta we went by trolley-bus. As soon as we reached Crimean Mountains, I was stunned by the scenic views that I only saw in pictures. The road looped between mountains and soon we reached the Angarsky pass. It was the highest point on our road, so then we started to descend and finally we arrived to Alushta!

Alushta is one of the largest towns in Crimea. It’s situated on the seaside between high beautiful mountains. Of course, the main treasure of Alushta is magnificent Black sea!

It was a splendid time. We swimmed, walked by seaside, and visited many sights. Excursion to the Valley of the Ghosts, which is situated near Alushta, amazed me the most. The Valley of the Ghosts is surreal landscape of giant stone pillars that were sculpted by wind erosion. It was incredible sight, because I’ve never seen anything like this!

Also we’ve visited the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall, the Marble Cave, and the Red Cave. Marble Cave has several underground halls with stalactites and stalagmites of fantastic shapes, resembling people and animals. The Red Cave has an underground river.

Those days were amazing and unforgettable; I wished if I had more days to spend over there. My holidays were exciting and full of joy. I enjoyed immensely. I think that Crimea is a real paradise on earth. I dream to visit it again.