Write about your last visit to the department stores. Tell me what you bought it, what the prices were, how much money you spent there. Перевод Напишите о вашем последнем посещении универмагов. Напишите, что вы купили там, какие цены были, сколько денег вы потратили там.


Ответы и объяснения


Yesterday we went to the supermarket all семьей.Там we passed quite a long time since he's pretty большой.Там not all can be found themselves have to take care консультанта.Мы with the Pope could not find the butter and asked consultant he kindly took us in and showed range,we thanked him and put the oil in a basket went дальше.Подошли to the vegetable Department and draped cucumbers,tomatoes,parsley,dill and перец.Тем time my mother and my sister draped candy and have tea in пакетиках.Когда dad and I have already collected all through the list of my mother and sister were already waiting for us near the cash and as they said waited a долго.Мы came to the office and the seller began to punch our покупки.Все turned out to be rather more expensive than conventional прилавках.Пока mom my sister and I put products in packages dad has расплатился.Я decided to ask and asked чек.Общая amount was 2.344 рубля.Самым expensive were sweets to чаю.Поход into the store turned out to be expensive,but when I was at home and ate a baked chicken with fried potatoes I forgot how much money at all this ушло.Вот so the whole family, we went to the supermarket.