помогите write an article for your class waii-paper abour the holidays you celebrate in your faily. tell about your fammily traditions.

our family is very____________________________________________________

we always___________________________________________________


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1)In our family rituals, customs, traditions and festivals are observed, but not so often.

We traditionally celebrate the New Year holidays, March 8, Christmas and Easter. In our family observed the rites of baptism. Traditionally celebrated the birthdays of all members of the family.

On the eve of the celebration of Easter, my mother paint the eggs, bake cakes, and then go to St. Nicholas Cathedral. There we all light up.

At St. Nicholas Cathedral we were baptized. We love to go there with my mother on holidays. It is a beautiful cathedral.

Yet we love to celebrate the New Year at home with his grandparents. I love to decorate the tree. Tree we always natural, that smelled of pine needles and forest. We have a lot of beautiful Christmas decorations. Among them are very old, who came to us from great-grandmothers. While we decorate the Christmas tree, always remember something from the past festivals. Remembering our loved ones.

2 не знаю.сам тогда не сделал