Поставте слово чтоб получилась рифма:

goat, goat , give me your ...! ,

bat, bat, sit down on my ...!

geese,geese have you any. ..?

boys,boys, give us your ...!

Lily,Lily, dont be. ..!

cock,cock,look at the...!

snake,snake, come out of the.....!

quail,quail, where is your. ..?

mouse,mouse, where is your...?

mice,mice bring me some....


Ответы и объяснения


goat, goat , give me your coat!

bat, bat, sit  down on my leg!

geese,geese have you (got сюда хорошо бы поставить) any cheese?

boys,boys, give  us your toys!

Lily,Lily, dont be so silly!

cock,cock,look at the board!

snake,snake, come out  of the space !

quail,quail, where is your tail?

mouse,mouse, where is your house?

mice,mice bring me some ice