Помогите составить прект пл английскому:.Россия является прекрасным местом(Сбор фотографий России и факты об этом (природа, флаг, главу государства, Языки, продукты питания). Выбирайте, что вам нравится, и написать об этом.)


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Geographical position

The Russian Federation – the biggest on the area the globe country. The territory of Russia occupies the space about 17,1 million square kilometers. Russia on the continent Eurasia is located. It occupies both east, and western parts of the continent. Mainly the territory of our country is on northern and northeast area of the continent. About 30% of the territory of the Russian Federation settle down in Europe, and about 70% – in Asia.

In the north of an extreme continental point of the country Chelyuskin's located on the Taimyr Peninsula the cape is. Extreme island point is Cape Fligeli being on Rudolf Island in the archipelago of Franz Josef. The southern boundary of the continent is the point located on a crest of Greater Caucasus Range (41012’ a northern latitude) This site is border of Dagestan and Azerbaijan.

In the West a rubezhny point is the extremity on a Tongue of sand, located in waters of the Baltic Sea, near Kaliningrad. In the east the extreme point relating to the continent, Cape Dezhnev is. This cape is on Chukotka. The most extreme point relating to islands, is located on Rotmanov's island. This island is in the Bering Sea, near border with America.

The territory of Russia has big extent from the West to the east. Thereof the big time difference is observed. In Russia 10 time zones are allocated. Division into time zones happens differently depending on settlement number. Borders of time zones of the seas and areas with small population density determine by meridians. In areas with big population density these borders are determined by administrative subjects of federation.

Borders of the Russian Federation stretch for 60 thousand km from which 40 thousand belong to sea borders. The water border is located at distance of 22,7 km from a land. In the sea waters stretching for 370 km from the coast, there is a sea economic zone of Russia. Here presence of vessels of all states is allowed, but our country has a right to production of various natural resources only. The Russian Federation belongs to a number of world sea powers. Sea borders of our country pass through water basins of three oceans.