Помогите, пожалуйста написать рассказ об игре на английском!!! Предложений 15-20 8 класс. В рассказе должно быть написано об истории игры и описание игры!!! Пожалуйста, ребят!!! Игры спортивные типа бадминтон, волейбол и т. д. И если можно то с использованием этих слов:


Ответы и объяснения


Football is a game played on a rectangular field (hundred twenty yards long and fifty-three yards wide) by two different teams, each with eleven members, with an inflated cowhide ball in an oval like shape. The purpose of the offensive side is score as many times as possible while the defense tries to stop that. To score, the offense must run the ball down the field to the opposing team's end zone or by kicking it through the goal post. Since football is considered a full-contact sport, many injuries can occur by "blocking, body checking, and grabbing." In this way, it is considered to be somewhat like rugby. Even with the roughness, it is considered the most popular American sport, attracting thousands of participants. The most renown game takes place in January and is called the Super Bowl, which is attended by some sixty thousand fans and watched by a hundred and thirty television watchers just in the United States.

Some of the equipment that is used by the teams is jerseys, cleats, helmet, and pads. The jerseys are to help identify each player from the other and the opposing team. The cleats are special shoes that help the players get a firm grip in the field. The helmet has face mask to protect the player from having something jab him in the face. On the bottom of the helmet, there is a strap that keeps the helmet in place when hit hard. Inside the helmet, there are pads to cushion the head when tackled to the ground. Beneath the jersey, there are more pads to cushion the body when tackled to the ground