fill in correct forms of the verbs. 1. When I (to enter) the house I (to see) my brother, he (to finish just) cleaning the house and (to write) a letter. He (towrite) it for 10 minutes. 2.What you (to do) now? I (to translate) an interesting story while Ann (to finish) her project. How long you (to translate) it? I (to work) for 3 hours. I hope I (to finish) it tomorrow. 3. Who you (to talk) to when I (see) you yesterday? It (to be) Peter. He told me he (to be) to Peru. He (to spend) 2 nice weeks there. His parents (to come) this weekend to see him after his trip.


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могу ошибиться и подвести тебя :(( 1)entered, saw, has just finished, was writing, (не знаю). 2) What are you doing now? am translating, (не знаю: has finished) do you translate, work, will finish. 3) It was Peter  - в этом я уверена, а остальное не очень...

Enter see has just finish and has written he has been writing
2 are you doing am translating is finishing. How long do you translate it. I have been working. Will finish 3 who did talk saw was was spent are going to come