Вставьте пропущенные слова Charlie 0_____a small boy. Не 1_____in a great town. There 2_____six people in his family, but only Charlie's father, Mr. Bucket 3_____a job. He 4_____enough money 5_____food for the whole family. So, they 6_____hungry from morning till night and Charlie 7_____it worst of all. But there is one thing which he 8_____more than anything else in the world. It is chocolate..Charlie can 9_____chocolate only once a year, on his birthday. The family 10_____a little money for that day. And Charlie knows that when the great day 11_____, he 12_____ with a small chocolate bar which he 13_____for the whole year. The little boy hopes that if he 14_____a lot of money one day, he15_____to buy chocolate for the whole family. 0. a. is b. are c. were d. am

1. a. live b. lives c. is lived d. has lived

2. a. are b. is having c. was d. have been

3. a. have b. is c. was d. has

4. a. don't have b. doesn't have c. didn't have d. haven't got

5. a. to buy b. buy c. buys d. buying

6. a. was b. be c. are d. is

7. a. feel b. feels c. felt d. was feeling

8. a. wants b. want ' c. is wanted d. have wanted

9. a. to taste b. tastes c. tasted d. taste

10. a. saves b. is saved c. was saved d. was saving

11. a. came b. will come c. come d. comes

12. a. presented b. are presented c. will be d. is presented presented

13. a. has been b. have been c. dreams of d. is dreaming dreaming of dreaming of - 14. a. will have b. has c. have d. had

15. a. will be able b. shall be able c. is able d. can


Ответы и объяснения


0. is

1. lives

2. are

3. has

4. doesn't have

5. to buy

6. are

7. feels

8. wants

9. taste

10. saves

11. comes

12. will be

13. dreams of

14. has

15. will be able