If I (be)you,I (fix) the bike myself.If you(want) to hear the truth,we(tell0you everything.He(pass) the exam yesterday if he (not cheat).Everybody (respect) you if you (not show off).We(go)to the sea if it(be) summer now.I wish I(tell) you about yesterday's test.If the teacher(ask)me I(hand out) the exercise-books.They(have) an advanced course of(teach) next year if they (find) a new teacher.You(like) this raspberry-(see) sweets if you (give) them a try.I (see) this terrific film if I (have) time.If only it(be) summer now !


Ответы и объяснения


If I were you, I would fix the bike myself.

If you want to hear the truth, we will tell you everything.

He would pass the exam yesterday if he did not cheat.

Everybody will respect you if you don't show off.

We would go to the sea, it it were summer now.

I wish I would tell you about yesterday's test. 

If the teacher asks me, I will hand out the exercise-books.

They would have an advanced course of teaching next year if they found a new teacher. 

You will like this raspberry-seeing sweets if you give them a try.

I will see this terrific film if I have time.

If only it were summer now !