реферат на тему "человек с которого я беру пример" на английском


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I follow an example my mother.Mother is the first word of the child. And how many heat, care and love fills this word. Mother gave us life! Hard work lays down on mother's shoulders: work, efforts on the house, and the main thing - education of children. Any mother wants that her child became the real person. In life we overcome all obstacles together with mother. Mother cares of us all the life. We go to the first class by a hand together with our mothers. All homework lays down on mother. Many children have no mothers, but they dream that sometime their mother will come, and the children's cherished dream will be achieved. In our village there are families which surround with care and attention not only the children, but also strangers. What is necessary patience to kindle a children's heart but as it is pleasant that children find a family. We sometimes don't appreciate mothers, forgetting about those difficulties and problems which fall down mothers, and they at a difficult moment always nearby and are ready to help us.