Составьте текст про персонажа вашей любимой книги в детстве на английском языке.


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Васютка went to the woods to gather nuts for fishermen, chased by the wood grouse and lost. Of course, he was very scared, it's one thing to wander familiar paths, and the other is to get lost in the endless green ocean! But nature does not like weak and cowardly, and Васютке would know this.
Of course, Васютка have not once been in the forest, he heard and fishermen's stories, what should be done in such situations. But at the same time he knew how easy it forever disappear in the vast expanses of the severe taiga. That is why the boy took all his willpower, self-control and courage, not to succumb to panic. As an experienced adult, Васютка considering every step, weighed every action, producing food, choosing a direction, settling for the night.
Thanks to their courage, Васютка out of the forest the winner. And the victory it is not even the fact that he told the fishermen that wonderful, full of fish, the lake, but in the fact that he managed to overcome confusion and fear in himself, and that helped him to return home. The boy had to apply in practice all that he had ever heard about such situations. All useful and instructive stories of the fishermen, and their own guesses. But most of all helped Васютке restraint and self-control, not giving him give up and lose hope. The boy with honor to stand the test. After spending several days in the woods, he came to the river, where he was picked up, helped him to return home familiar fishermen. I am sure that those long days alone with nature Васютка will remember forever.