Пожалуйста, срочно, помогите сделать ПРАВИЛЬНЫЙ ПЕРЕВОД НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ ЯЗЫКЕ. Прошу очень. Это письмо надо перевести:/


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Dear Miranda.

My best friend Damon(не знаю как правильно) fell in love and I'm happy for him.

But the problem is that I'm jealous of him to the girl. The fact that the girl his age 7 years. and I am sure that she uses it. There were times when he's classmates held 1,000 tenge. Total collected 30,000 tenge. When I asked, "Why do you have that kind of money?". He replied that his girls need money urgently. When I try to explain. she uses it, he gets angry. Therefore, I do not know what to do. Telling him useless. One day, he tried to introduce me to her, but I refused, because she realized who she was. Unfortunately, his parents do not know about his girlfriend. And I will not tell. After all, he's my best friend!
that you advise? My friend needs help!

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