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1 when is your birthday? 2 how did you celebrate your last birthday? did you arrange a birthday party? 3 who did you invite? did you write invitation letters? 4 what did you do at the party? did you play any board games? 5 did you have a birthday cake? your friends and relatives sang a special birthday song to you, didn t they? 6 what presents did you get? 7 did you have a great time? do you usually ennjoy your birthday parties?


Ответы и объяснения


My birthday is celebrated on the 9 of May 1997. I celebrated my last birthday in a interesting and unforgettable way. Yes, I arranged my party in a beautiful restaurant. I invited my friends, classmates and some relatives. No, I didn't write invitations, we printed them in a special center. At the party, we listened to music, played different games, ate a lot of delicious food and made a lot of photos. I had a chocolate cake with pink flowers made of candies. Yes, of course, they sang the traditional song "Happy Birthday". I got a lot of toys, a little bit of make up products, 2 skirts, 1 dress and a new cellphone. I had an incredible time. I always enjoy my birthday parties as I feel loved, I always have a lot of fun and these days help me to feel special and truly happy