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 I actually agree because we already know how to avoid the same mistakes after unsuccessful attempts of trying smth. Instead of that, we will find another way. If we make some efforts we’ll certainly find the proper solution.

1) I will clean the room before the guests arrive, so that they will be surprised to see what a diligent person I am. 

 2) The spectrum includes many different colours of light.

3) Mary-Anne said: “I shall come to school early tomorrow”. Mary-Anne said that she should (would) come to school the next day.

4) I was only in Miami for a week. I wish I had more time there but I had to go on to NY.

5) If you work out, you’ll put on muscles.

Civilisation topic

Structure is actually not good. Correct these:

__ lots of beautiful parks ___

In this city, __

I want to __ (Br.English) You started in Br.English, so keep on following its rules.

If  had a chance I would __

If I was a teacher __

Hey, Cap, where is the continuation?))

Luchshee reshenie, please, if possible.