Помогите написать рассказ про вымешленую семью как они живут сколько им лет чем работают (неочень заостренный)


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Today, I want to speak about unreal family. In my family, there are 3 peaple and one dog. The had of house is Dad Bill. he is 35.He is very tall. 2.50 meters. And this is very strange, because, his parents are very-very small they are Lilliputians. His wife's name is Honoria. She is 32years old. She have green hare and she always listen rock. Her favoutite band is AC/DC and metalica. They have a son. His name is Ben. He is redhead boy with freckles. He like computere games and he is excellent student.He have 15 years old.  He have a lot of freiends, and they sometimes wolking together with Bob's dog. Oh yes, the name of dog is Prince Charles. This is a light, a huge but friendly dog.