Помогите написать сочинение по английскому -my fantastic holidays(14-15 предложений)


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at my holidays i was at spain it was reaaly great!

we flew there to madrid. then we went to our hotel near the sea.that place was really nice and cute and i liked it.i was there for 10 days.there i was swimming a lot.the sea wasnt enough warm so i swam  in the waterpool and it was nice.i went there with my parents and our friends.they have a little son a son of my age.so we had what to speak about and what to do and i didnt bored there alone.we also went to many excersions to huge and beautiful castles.the weather was normal exept one rain.i ate there very very much ice-cream it was the geatest ice-cream i have ever eaten.it had a taste of bubble gum.so i liked my holiday.

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