пожалуйста помогите ответить на вопросы (глаза уже болят\)

см. вложение

писала не я надеюсь поймете подчерк

Заранее спасибо)

моя профессия врач


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In our country such  professions as lawer , programmer or  journalist are popularamong young people

I'd like to be a doctor to help other people.

No, it doesn't require knowlage of English.

My parents helped me to make this choice.

My friends and parents approve my choice  'cause they think I'll be successful in this profession.
















The most popular profession in Russia is manager. 

In future I would like to be a doctor. Sometimes it can use knowledge of English.

My mum helped  me To coose This profession.

My friends think that it is popular and useful profession.