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Задание 15.

2. By the end of next month, Sam will have finished the project.

3. He will not have started painting the kitchen before Tuesday.

4. By the time she arrives in Paris, she will have been travelling for four hours.

5. I hope I will have bought my own house by the time I’m thiry-five.

6. By Saturday, Lisa will have been dieting for two weeks.

7. Hopefully, they will have learnt everything by the time they sit the exam.

8. By 4 o’clock, I will have been sitting in the hairdresser’s for three hours.

9. By Christmas, I will have been working for this company for 18 months.

10. By next weekend, Brian will have moved house.

11. Hopefully, the builders will have finished building the house by next month.

12. By Tuesday, Alan will have been sailing for 12 days.

13. By tomorrow morning, she will have been sleeping for 12 hours.


2. I will make a cake to bring along.

3. Yes, I will have gave it to you in a minute.

4. Because, I’m going to make vegetable soup.

5. I will read it to you.

6. I will stay at Claire’s house tonight.

7. Yes, please. I will have met you at half past one.

8. Will you help me with the shopping tomorrow.

9. This time tomorrow I will be sitting on the plane.

Задание 16

2. С

3. В

4. А

Задание 15
1)will have finished; 2)will not have started; 3)will have been traveling; 4)will have bought; 5)will have been dieting; 6)will have been learning; 7)will have been sitting; 8)will have been working; 9)will have moved; 10)will have finished; 11)will have been sailing; 12)will have been sleeping.