Прочитай рекламу, которую мисс Чэттер дала в газете.
Напишите прилагательные в 3 степенях сравнения.
Реклама (Ниже)
Chatterplaceis a large quiet farm.There is an old dark farmhouse,a small windmill and a nice garden with beatiful flowers on the farm.The house is not bigbut clean.
Come to me please .
You can ride a strong and brave horse.
You can climb the trees.
You can swim in a deep but warm river.
You can blow bright bubbles.
You can read interesting fairy-tales
You can visit my merry friend Hobbi.t
You can feed little rabbits.
You can have a cup of fresh milk in the morning.
Chatterplace is what you want!
You"ll have a good time.
A hospitable and kind woman is waiting gor you.


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large - larger - largest

quiet - quieter - quietest

old - older (elder)- oldest (eldest)

dark - darker - darkest

small - smaller - smallest

nice - nicer - nicest

strong - stronger - strongest

brave - braver - bravest

deep - deeper - deepest

warm - warmer - warmest

bright - brighter - brightest