Rewrite the following sentences to express a wish for the present or regret for the past, as in the example.
1. I'm not old enough to drive yet.
2. My mum doesn't let me get a pet snake.
3. Mrs Abbott gave us too much homework.
4. Mary lost the keys to her house. 5. Susan wants her little brother to stop teasing her.
6. Emma screams whenever she sees a tiny spider, and she doesn't like this.


Ответы и объяснения


1)i wish, i would be young enough to drive

2)I wish, i would have a pet snake

3)I wish, Mrs Abbott would gave us a little homework

4)I wish, Mary wouldn't lose her keys

5)I wish, Susan's little brother would stop teasing her

6)I wish, Emma wouldn't scream when she sees a tiny spider



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