Напишіть будьласка текст на английском "Україна" "Улюблений спорт " "Улюблена книжка "


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There are so many sports that help to make the shape slim and beautiful, and mshschy - strong! And I like the one with me choose thousands of boys and girls who do not want to change the freedom and fresh air in the stuffy and cramped gyms. A pair of roller skates on his feet, two knee pads - that's all my gear! Next, on the street! Race, slalom, tricks and jumping all kinds ... We learn from each other, those who are faster and more safely, and then proudly demonstrate their achievements. We ourselves have come up with the rules, choose our speed and purpose - no whistles, shouts and recriminations from the side.
It's great to race with the wind speed, overtaking pedestrians, deftly circling obstacles, knowing that now you - the freest and happiest people in the world!