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Genre: thriller,drama

Film running lenght:  2 hours 12 min

Release: 21  February 2013

Directed by: Anton Megerdicheb 

Countru: Russia
Who in it?

Anatoly Beliy, Svetlana Khodchenkova, Katerina Spitz, Ivan Makarevich, Alexander Fisenko, Sergey Pyskepalis, Anfisa Вистингаузен (простите не смогу написать на английском),Alexey Bardukov. 

What's the plot?

Spread widely in the center of Moscow,  building  new  buldings leads to the fact that in one of the subway tunnel between  two stations there is  crack. No one couldn't imagine that water will gush out of the Moscow River, and hundreds of  passengers will be at the mercy of water.  This threatens destruction of  city. 

 P.s делала как знала, может быть не правильно))