Слова в нужном порядки нужно раствить.


80. Rewrite the sentences in the correct order.


2. -

3 sell/ I/ the car/ say/ to/ heard/ like/ he/ him/ would.

4. most/ her/ I / relible/ to/person/ belleved/ the/ be.

5. with/ I'd like/ another/ to/ us/ for/ week/ you / stay.

6. Anna/ this/ expect/ time / I / her /pass / test / to.

7. exam/ cheating /the /Paul /at /noticed /teacher / the.

8. warned/ Julia / iron /not /to / use / me / that / faulty.

9. -

10. we/ our / want / happy / children/ to / healty / and / be.


Ответы и объяснения


3.i heard him say he would like to sell tha car

5.i'd like you to stay with us for week
6. \i expect anna  to pass her test this time
7.the teacher noticed  paul cheating  at the exam 
8.julia warned me not to use that faulty iron
10.we want our children to be happy and healty 
пункт 4 я не смогла перевести((