write a portrait of a famous film star. Describe his appearance, nature, character and everyday life.напишите пож-та про Любовь орлову или Джеки Чана. Их фотографии в вложениях (написать портрет известной звездой фильма. Опишите его внешний вид, природу, характер и повседневной жизни.)


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I love an actor Jackie Chan because he's funny and strong. He starred in a huge number of films and has received many awards for his acting work. Jackie starred in action movies, comedies and dramas. He ha an asian appearance, cheerful smile, black hair and  big nose. in his family is his wife Joan Lin, son Jaycee Chan and daughter Etta Wu. in my opinion in everyday life he is funny and loving his family.

примерно так, за ошибки не ругайтесь:)