2) He (not to wear) warm boots in cold weather.
3) Your team (to win) or (to lose) the game last Saturday?
4) Look, there (to be) nobody in the room.
5) What she (to wear) that evening?
6) "You (to see) my dog I (can not) find him".
7) Yesterday i (to promise) to go hiking.
8) The lottle girl (to break) the cup when she (to wash) up.
9) What (to do) you when i phoned you?
10) He (not to be) in right now.


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2) He doesn't wear warm boots in cold weather. 
3) Did your team  win or lose the game last Saturday? 
4) Look, there is nobody in the room. 
5) What was she wearing that evening? 
6) "Have you seen my dog I cannot find him". 
7) Yesterday I promised to go hiking. 
8) The little girl broke the cup when she was washing up. 
9) What were you  doing you when i phoned you? 
10) He isn't in right now.


1)He doesn't wear warm boots in cold weather. 

2)Did your team  win or lose the game last Saturday? 
3)Look, there is nobody in the room. 
4)What was she wearing that evening? 
5)"Have you seen my dog I cannot find him". 
6)Yesterday I promised to go hiking. 
7)The little girl broke the cup when she was washing up. 
8)What were you doing you when i phoned you? 
9)He isn't in right now.